Your Waitlist Answers

Earlier this week, I offered to answer questions related to the waitlist process at UHLC.  A few of you submitted similar questions, so I have paraphrased them below.  Notably, certain privacy and confidentiality limitations exist in the admissions world that hinder my ability to fully answer a few of your questions.  With that being said, here you go:

Based upon last year’s message boards, there was a fair bit of activity in mid to late July.  What will be the timeline this year?

  • Honestly, every year is very different.  While we have started to look at the waitlist, no offers have been made at this time.  Some years more waitlisted folks get offers than other years–thus, the timeline of activity varies considerably.  Believe me, I really wish I could tell you that by X time you will know your fate, but that is not the nature of the waitlist beast.  However, the Admissions Committee will continue to consider waitlisted candidates throughout the summer. 

Does UHLC require a second seat deposit from accepted applicants & base its review of the waitlist files on the receipt of this second deposit?

  • In lieu of a second deposit, the Office of Admissions will be sending a second letter to our accepted applicants in the next week or so which essentially is an enrollment commitment form.  This letter requests permission to register the applicant for fall classes.  Thus, those applicants who are holding out for another school or have multiple seat deposits are essentially forced to make a decision on their status with UHLC.  This activity gives us a better snapshot of how many people we will need from the waitlist to fill vacant seats.  However, this form is not an exact science and cannot fully predict who from the admitted applicant pool will matriculate with the Law Center.  But it at least gives us some sort of guesstimate. 

Does UHLC receive LSAC’s multiple seat deposit report (overlap report) and if so, does the Law Center request that those admitted applicants holding multiple deposits take some kind of action?

  • UHLC does receive this overlap report–most law schools do.  Upon receipt, we try to work with those accepted candidates to help them finalize their law school plans.  Most “overlap” applicants understand that holding seats at multiple schools prevents waitlisted candidates from getting an offer and therefore, they make a good faith effort in choosing a law school as quickly as possible. 

Should supplemental materials be sent directly to the Law Center Admissions e-mail or physical address, or should it be routed through LSAC as previously required (additional LOR, updated resume, and/or completed transcript)?

  • Please send any transcripts to LSAC so they can recalculate your GPA previously reported to our office.  An additional letter of recommendation or an updated resume should be sent directly to our office.  However, remember to keep updates to your file within reason–only send them if there is something new and outstanding that might influence our decision on your file.

I would like to visit the law school, when will the schedule for summer visits be available?

  • Currently, the Law Center is open to those who would like to undertake a self-guided tour of our facilities.  The self-guided tour is identical to that which you would receive from a student ambassador or admissions staff member.  On June 7th we will post our guided tour schedule for the remainder of the summer.  Class visits will resume in the fall. 

How many people are on the full-time waitlist?

  • Unfortunately, this information is confidential and cannot be disclosed.

In years past, what is the percentage of candidates who received offers from the full-time waitlist?

  • Unfortunately, this has varied greatly over the years, so I cannot give you an exact answer.  Some years we have made few, if any offers.  Other years, there have been quite a few waitlist applicants who received offers. 

Compared to other law schools, is the full-time waitlist at UHLC longer or shorter?

  • Unfortunately, we do not have access to the waitlist statistics at other law schools–so we don’t have a clue how our list matches up with others.  Sorry. 

Thanks to those who submitted the great questions!!  Should the above Q&A trigger additional questions, I am leaving the comments open over the weekend and I will answer them Monday afternoon.  Have a great weekend!

Ohhhhh The Waitlist

Many of you may now find yourselves on the UHLC waitlist with several questions, concerns, doubts….  Initially you may be wondering, “what does being on the waitlist mean”?  Well for starters, your current position on the waitlist means that the UHLC Admissions Committee deemed you a qualified applicant for the J.D. program at the University of Houston.  Furthermore, it means that in a perfect world–where we could accept anyone in this “qualified” category–we would be happy to have you join the class of 2013.  Unfortunately, we do not live in that perfect world and simply are not in the position to offer you a seat in the class at this time.  With that being said, in an effort to help ease your anxiety, here is an update about our waitlist process and what you can do in the meantime while you wait to hear from us. 

Generally, we have utilized the waitlist each year and if history repeats itself—as it often does—we should use the list again.  Many of you have called and asked if the list is ranked.  It is not.  Our process for the waitlist is identical to the regular admissions process: time-consuming and thorough.  As with the initial file review, the Admissions Committee looks at each waitlisted file AGAIN and make a separate decision AGAIN.  While admission largely depends on how the acceptance rate pans out from our originally accepted applicants, you should be at ease knowing that everyone on the waitlist gets a second shot for the vacant seats that open up from now until the end of the summer. 

So what can you do while you wait to hear from us? 

  1. Letters of continued interest.  If UHLC is your first choice and you want us to be aware of this fact, send us a letter for your file and stay in touch.  This does not mean that you should call and email us daily or even weekly.  Be sincere in your efforts and let us know that you remain interested throughout the summer months.
  2. File updates.  If you have recently graduate college and your last semester grades will blow us away, send them into LSAC to supplement your current transcripts on file.  If you received honors upon graduating or have been admitted into an elite honors society, let us know about it by updating your resume.  If you recently got a promotion at work, a new job, or have been selected to hold an esteemed role in an extracurricular organization—update that resume. 
  3. Because we start the review process all over again for the waitlist, consider sending in an additional letter of recommendation.  BUT be warned, a letter that merely reiterates one already in your file will bore us.  However, if you have a professor, mentor, or boss that would write a thorough and sincere letter on your behalf that highlights something new that we should know about you, that letter can be helpful in our review.
  4. Be flexible.  In the past, some of our waitlist applicants have received offers as late as mid-August.  This is certainly a reality of the waitlist and you must prepare yourself for this type of timeline and uncertainty.  Realistically, we know some applicants do not have the luxury to wait until late summer to make a decision due to family constraints, lease renewals, work obligations, etc.  Try your best to keep us informed regarding your individual timelines and if you no longer wish to be considered on our waitlist after a specific period of time, we appreciate knowing these deadlines so we can pull your file from the list.

 Bottom line, you must be patient and realistic throughout this process.  Make sure to have another option lined up in the event that UHLC does not work out for you.  We certainly wish we could take everyone who shows a strong interest in our law school, but that is not our reality.    

If you have questions related to the waitlist that I haven’t answered above, feel free to write me a comment & I will do my best to answer your questions on Friday.  🙂

Congratulations Class of 2010!!

This past Sunday, 350 students walked across the stage and received their JD and LLM diplomas from the University of Houston Law Center!!  We here in the Office of Admissions wish our incredible graduates happiness and success in their future endeavors and can’t wait to see what they will do with their degrees.  It really seems like just yesterday our office was reviewing their files for admission….   

Here is a brief look into the graduation ceremony featuring former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and some fun photos from the commencement and the reception thereafter!!

36 Hours in Houston

Are you thinking about relocating to Texas for law school?  Perhaps you are already admitted to UHLC, but don’t know much about Houston itself?  Or maybe you have lived here your entire life and you’re looking for a new spot to park yourself on the weekends?  If any of these statements applied to you, you may want to check out the New York Times’ recent article which highlights a few of Houston’s best-kept secrets.  And don’t forget to come visit us while you’re in town!!