Visit by University of Oslo law students

Today our office had the privilege of hosting a group of 18 law students from the University of Oslo in Norway.  Unlike most of the visits planned by the Office of Admissions, these students weren’t coming to campus as prospective applicants but rather were here as part of a longer visit to Houston to learn more about the American legal system and how it compares to what they’re familiar with at home.  While at the Law Center, the students attended a first-year class followed by a discussion with Professor Gidi and Professor Zamora about American law and the structure and teaching styles in American legal education.  Then the group took at tour of the Law Center with our current SBA President Tamecia Harris and enjoyed lunch with a group of J.D. students.  (We served TexMex, of course.)  The group was wonderful, and I hope they enjoyed their visit as much as we did.

On the road again…

It’s the time of year when we all pack our bags and take the show on the road, talking to prospective students from across the country and hopefully shedding light on the great mysteries of the application process.  Last weekend it was Miami for the season’s first LSAC Forum and Philly for a training session; this weekend we are at home offering an information session at the Law Center.   Our events calendar is available on our webpage.  If we’re near your town, or if you’re near ours, stop in for a chat.  We love meeting prospective applicants, and we strive to make the application process as transparent as possible.  So attend an event, visit campus, and ask us any question you like.  We’re here (there and everywhere) to help.