Waitlist Q & A – Pilar Mensah

Q:  Is the waitlist ranked?

A:  The waitlist is not ranked.

Q:  When will you look at the waitlist?

A:  The Admissions Committee will review applicants on the waitlist after all decisions have been mailed.  Review of the waitlist usually occurs in late May to mid-June.

Q:  Can I send in addendum or supplement my application?

A:  Applicants may submit additional new information, such as updated resumes and statements of interest.  This information may be sent directly to our Office.  As a waitlisted candidate, you no longer have to submit information through LSAC.

Q:  What percentage of applicants are admitted off the waitlist?

A:  There is no set number of applicants that are admitted.  Every year the number of applicants that are admitted off the waitlist is different.  It depends on the applicant pool for that year, how many of those that we admit accept and decide to attend UHLC, and the number of applicants on the waitlist.  The process is not entirely in our hands, as we have to wait to hear back from admitted students on whether or not they will attend.

Q:  UHLC is my #1 choice, what can I do now to strengthen my chances of being admitted?

A:  We recommend you submit a letter of continued interest.  You should wait to submit the letter until mid-May (for Full-Time Applicants) or mid-June (for Part-Time Applicants).  If you submit the letter too early in the process is will not be as relevant as a letter we receive right before we begin the second review of your file.  Remember, if you choose to send a letter of continued interest, only one will be added to your file, so make it count!