A Brief Update

The second semester is quickly drawing to a close. I cannot believe how fast it went! My graded brief has been turned in, finals are just around the corner, and I have already registered for Summer and Fall classes!

The graded appellate brief is the big project in Lawyering Skills and Strategies during the Spring semester. Since LSS focuses on persuasive writing in the second semester, this is a natural choice for a graded assignment. It involves drafting a brief for an appellate court, and students are divided into those arguing for the appellant and those for the appellee. Because it is also the last major assignment you will submit it the class, you can bet that it will require all of the skills you have picked up in both the Fall and Spring semesters. One cool part of writing the brief is that all 1Ls participate in one mandatory round of oral arguments based off of their brief. For those of you who may be interested in advocacy, the mandatory rounds are a great introduction to the field. For those whose interests lie in areas other than advocacy, the experience still gives you great insight into the process of constructing a good oral argument, and because the mandatory rounds take place a good two weeks before the brief is due, participating in the competition helps you to stay on schedule when drafting the brief. Turning the brief in was an incredible relief, both because it is a major assignment for the semester and because of the amount of time it takes to write. As an added bonus, the LSS Department provided a fajita feast to the part time students directly after the deadline.

Returning to the oral arguments– students have the opportunity to continue on to further competitive rounds culminating in the John Black Finals, which be held tonight in Krost Hall beginning at 6:30 pm. Current and admitted students can mingle and enjoy pizza prior to the event starting at 5:30 pm.

My last LSS class occurred on Monday night. My experience with the class has been great, and I’m certainly sad to leave. While I won’t miss the stress of writing the graded assignments, my professor has really gone out of her way to make sure each of us learns legal research and finds a voice in legal writing. The practical writing assignments and the comprehensive feedback on them has been greatly beneficial. All in all, I feel this class has prepared me very well for the rest of my law school career and beyond.

Speaking of the rest of my law school career, I this week we registered for Summer and Fall classes. While part-time 1L students are limited to the two required classes in the summer (Criminal Law for the first half, and Statutory Interpretation and Regulation for the second half), we do get to choose all but one of our fall classes. (Constitutional Law is the last mandatory 1L class). I am so excited for my two fall electives, Administrative Law and Accounting and Finance for Lawyers. While the subject matter of both of these classes seems interesting and extremely practical, I am really excited because I actually got to choose my classes for the fall.

While the semester is nearly finished, exams haven’t happened yet so I’ve definitely got some studying to do.  I’ll be posting about those in my final post for the semester, so look for it soon.

Statistically, it’s possible…

While Major League Baseball season opened for the Houston Astros on April 1st, the Astros Faithful are crossing their fingers that this season is no joke. Minute Maid Park provides a great game environment in addition to a family friendly environment, and with 74 home games remaining and ticket prices ranging from $5.00 in Outfield Deck II to $95.00 in Club I, there is plenty of opportunity for a break from the law student/summer associate routine. Considering the Astros are still only one and a half games (as of this writing) out of first place in the American League West, it is still statistically possible for them to bring home the Commissioner’s Trophy.

Not only will you have the option to see the returning World Series Champions (Boston Red Sox, 7/11-7/13) but you’ll have ten separate opportunities to challenge yourself on $1 Dog Day (that’s hot dogs) as well as to entertain yourself each Friday home game with the Friday Night Fireworks. Minute Maid Park also offers a wide assortment of local Houston fare, such as Prince’s Hamburgers, St. Arnold’s Beer, and Blue Bell Ice Cream, to name a few.

All in all, a night (or afternoon) at the ball park can offer a unique break from the day-to-day routine inherent in a legal education. Extra points go to the person able to attend one of the three opportunities you could potentially see the Astros and the Houston Dynamo on the same day!