Weather in the Bayou City


Texas is synonymous with hot. But our relationship with the weather is best characterized as “it’s complicated.” Texas offers semi-arid plains and hill country, desert, and humid subtropical climate zones. Texas has seen 69 tropical or subtropical cyclones (aka Hurricanes) since 1980, but don’t worry, one will make landfall in Texas only three times in a four year period. The state of Texas even has an annual snowfall and sees the highest number of tornadoes (on average, 139) each year.

In Houston, we can’t deny that Houston knows how to bring the heat, but this heat is transmogrified into something even more wonderful known as humidity. This is due, in part, to the consistent rainfall that Houston sees year round. In addition to the rainfall, the humidity springs forth from the nicknamesake, Bayou City. A bayou, of course, is a marshy outlet of a lake or river of which Houston has several!

The subtropical climate of Houston benefits Houstonians by offering, virtually, year round outdoor activities including the use of 38,394 acres of luscious green City of Houston Parks. While certain activities might be better suited during the pre-sun rise portion of your schedule in the summer months, you more than benefit from all that Houston has to offer throughout the year. When was the last time you enjoyed a night kayaking foray in October or February (an option at Lake Houston). When was the last time you went for an outdoor run in December or January (an option at Memorial Park).

As you can see, not only is there a lot of recreational space in Houston, according to the official visitor site for Houston, “[o]f the nation’s 10 most populous cities, none had more total park space than Houston,” but a lot of time throughout the year to take advantage of it, thanks in part to the pleasant, albeit humid, climate the Bayou City offers.

If Houston is in your future, the Office of Admissions highly recommends you take advantage of the year round opportunities we offer to visit the campus to determine if Houston can mesh with you, in the climatological sense.

Houston is #4 on Forbes’ 2014 List of America’s Coolest Cities

In August, Forbes published its 2014 List of America’s Coolest Cities.  Houston was ranked the #4 coolest city in which to live in America! You might think, well that’s great, but what does “cool” really mean?  Forbes defined “cool” by quantifying it in terms of cities. With the help of Sperline’s BestPlaces, Forbes ranked the 60 largest metropolitan statistical areas and metropolitan divisions based on six data points that were weighted equally.  The first on the list was entertainment and recreational amenities. Second was a “foodie” factor which included the number of restaurants, bars, farmers markets, and breweries per capita.  Third on the list was the city’s cultural make-up – how likely you are to meet someone of a different race or ethnicity.  Age was also a factor with a higher ranking for those cities with a large population of people aged 20-34.  The final consideration was given to population growth since 2000, since cities with greater increases of new people tend to be more desirable.  

This is a brief summary of Forbes’ ranking system, however it gives you a little more insight into the city of Houston and another reason to attend the University of Houston Law Center (as if you needed one)!