Upperclass Mentor Program

On September 29, 2014 the Career Development Office (CDO) held it’s annual Upper Class Student Mentoring reception to launch that program for the academic year. The initiative, which is a joint effort between the CDO, the associate dean’s office, and the alumni relations staff, pairs upper-division students with practicing attorneys based on the student’s preferred area of interest. The alumni participation level has been strong, and this year ALL 3L and 4L students who requested a mentor have been matched.
Mentors are a valuable resource to UHLC students, providing advice and insight to assist law students in making the transition from law school to practice, and these relationships help students to expand their professional networks. For law students, this is likely the first professional mentoring relationship they have had so to help facilitate those relationships, the CDO provides suggestions to the mentor pairs for how to work together effectively. Mentors offer advice on courses, conduct mock interviews, introduce mentees to colleagues in the field, and allow students to accompany them to court. The CDO also sends participants a list of networking and professional events such as bar association meetings, happy hours, and volunteer events that mentors can attend with their mentees.
The upper class mentorship program is in it’s second year and compliments our 1L mentorship program, which pairs first-year students with upper-class students and faculty. Working in tandem, these programs support students as they navigate law school and begin their careers, helping to ensure their success.
To learn more about the Law Center’s Career Development programs, please visit law.uh.edu/career/students.asp.

It’s application season!

Ah, the smell of frequently asked questions is in the air.  Between the opening of our application on October 1st for the 2015-2016 school year (that seems so far away, doesn’t it?) and the recent advent of travel season for those of us on the Admissions staff, the fall means a lot of questions about our law school, its programs, and our application process. To help answer these burning questions, below is a truncated version of our FAQs that we get most often around this time of the year.  This is by no means an exhaustive list!

If you have specific questions, please feel free to drop by our office, reach out by phone (713.743.2280), consult our website (http://law.uh.edu/admissions) or email us at lawadmissions@uh.edu.  If you’re not local (or even if you are), please check out our upcoming recruitment events and see if we will be visiting your area (http://law.uh.edu/admissions/visiting-uhlc-calendar.asp).  These events are a great opportunity to see us!

 Q: What is your median LSAT/GPA?

A: Median LSAT: 159 (full-time).  Median GPA: 3.47 (full-time).

Q: What is the minimum LSAT/GPA you will accept?

A: There is no set minimum.  We look at all facets of a prospective student’s application, including but not limited to LSAT and GPA.

Q: Do you offer application fee waivers?

A: Yes.  In order to apply for one, please go here: http://law.uh.edu/admissions/fee-waivers.asp.

Q: What type of undergraduate degree is best suited for law school?

A: There is no one type of undergraduate degree that we favor over another.  We consider any degree from an accredited university.

Q: What is the benefit of applying for early decision as opposed to regular decision?

A: Applying for early decision means that we will make a decision on your application sooner than if you apply for regular decision (mid-February as opposed to mid-May).  It does not increase your chances of getting into our program.

Q: Are there scholarships available? 

A: Every admitted applicant will be considered for a Dean’s scholarship.  This merit-based scholarship does not require a separate application, and the awards vary.  It is unconditionally renewed each year.

Q: Can I schedule a tour/class visit/appointment with an admissions counselor?

A: Absolutely!  We would love to have you visit.  In order to schedule one or all of the above, please email lawadmissions@uh.edu to set up a mutually agreed upon time for class visits and appointments, as well as tours.  Tours are given on Mondays and Fridays at noon; however, if those times don’t suit your schedule, we will work with you to find a time to accommodate you.  More information about visiting the Law Center can be found at http://law.uh.edu/admissions/visiting-uhlc.asp.